Patrick Jordan's Motorcycle Page

Last Updated: November 2004

My Pride and Joy - a 1973 Moto Guzzi 850 GT

My Bike Stories

Midnight Pillion to Lorne - 1981

My first bike - Suzuki GP125

Trip to Tasmania on a GP125 - April 1985

SydRide2 Ride Report - November 1994

Eastern Creek, June 2002. Which is faster? An old Guzzi or a new scooter?


Australian Bike Prices - shows recent average prices for most bikes on the Australian market.

This Old Tractor - a wealth of data, ideas and knowledge for loopframe Guzzi owners

Cameron's Motorcycle Page - More links than you can poke a stick at

Moto Guzzi Australia - New Guzzis here

MG Cycle - good online parts catalogue for Guzzis

Cycle Garden Moto Guzzi - Specialists in pre 1975 Moto Guzzis

Moto International Catalog - Tons of Moto Guzzi bits and pieces

Motorcycle Vietnam - The story of an adventure tour by motorcycle